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Karli Ryan


Milton-native Karli Ryan has been around music her entire life. Her parents were performers as well, so it made her choice to pursue a career in music a no-brainer.

Karli has been writing her own music since she was seventeen years old. When asked about some artists who influenced her growing up, Karli said that her musical taste has always spanned myriad genres. “I listened to Stevie Nicks and Justin Bieber… so my influences were all over the place. When I do my gigs now, I like to take songs that are outdated today and make them more ‘earthy’ and folk.”


 Karli’s latest single is also her most popular one across all music streaming platforms. Released back in 2019, “Gimme Back My Heart” has almost over one million streams. Karli performed “Gimme Back My Heart” on American Idol back in 2019.